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About me

Born 1962 in Stuttgart / Germany growing up in Munich / Germany, 15 years I was living on the island Tenerife / Spain from where we moved to Switzerland. My whole life I passed as entrepreneur in different industries. In 2008, after more than 13 years in Film & TV, I sold my production & rental company, based on “Tenerife” with the idea to jump into the “Online Business”.

We wanted to move to Central Europe where the kids could enjoy another educational-system combined with more opportunities, regarding studies and intellectual culture. And, I wanted to have the freedom to travel with my family as much and long as possible.

In my first steps, still on Tenerife, I was helping a friend with his online-shop, creating short spots for TV and finishing the product descriptions and pictures. That was, when I recognized for the first time, that this famous “Online-Business” is a lot more complex, than I thought. It is not complicated, but it is complex. A lot of simple steps have to be well synchronized.

In 2010 we moved to Switzerland and when I wanted to start with my own online-business, I found myself with the back at a wall, as the agreed last payments for our company sale, failed. With a family who wanted to eat, I tried to get contacts into the Swiss TV-industry. As all this intents failed, I remembered my education as mechanic, found employment, achieved in record-time my driver licence for trucks and started working in a garage, responsible for administration

and driving trucks, when needed. I choose this way not only to polish my economy, but to maintain the permission for me and my family, to stay in Switzerland. Without big money I was disposed to invest, I was using my free time to do small steps forward in my online challenge. Over the years, I spent lot of “small” money in a lot of “unique opportunities”, learning from each and every one by investing money and many, many time. 

Parallel, I started an offline business, importing electric motorcycles to Switzerland on my own. When the business started to move, the US based motorcycles company “Brammo” was bought by Polaris and they stopped delivering to Central Europe, what means for me, I had spent in a period of three years time in something little sustainable.

But finally, the online activities I kept on working in parallel started to work out, not with a good strategy – what I understood later – but there was a reasonable income, based on daily work. It was like the man in the circus, who maintains some plates rotating on sticks – while he keeps them moving, they stay. If he stops, respiring a moment, they definitely fall down. In my daily hustle, I did not notice this debility of my system.

When I got an offer from another US motorcycle company  (Zero Motorcycles: Yet in my time with Brammo, I wanted to work with) what I accepted and limited my energy spent online, the cashflow from the online-stream decreased rapidly. What missed my online-business was a longterm strategy, that can work by itself, for a significant time.

Presently still working for Zero Motorcycles (really loving my responsibility there) I will start my online again, with little time and the goal to create a sustainable system, which I can feed in parallel to my responsibilities for Zero Motorcycles. It will be designed, to create a longterm residual income. 

Now you may ask why all that hustle? Very simple: The pension I will get without it, would not allow us the life we’d like to live.

And here exactly is my invitation to you: I know, many, many of you sharing this situation with me. Many of you, having a huge bucket of knowledge, an infinit experience in life, wishing to live your retirement actively in a circle of likeminded persons but being right now in a personal insecure economical situation, referring to your pension. 

As you see, though the wind was against me, I stayed with my goal and what I had decided to achieve.

Today I’m more sure than ever, that all this way is worth the effort and the best is yet to come!

Glad to read from you, I wish you an outstanding, successful day,

Sincerely yours

PD: As happiness is a decision, I “EnJoy”!